Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/matter
A framework for rapid prototyping with binary data on disk

applyApply Functions Over "matter" Matrices
bigglmUsing "biglm" with "matter"
delayed-opsDelayed Operations on "matter" Objects
drle-classDelta Run Length Encoding
matter_arr-classArrays Stored on Disk
matter-classVectors, Matrices, and Arrays Stored on Disk
matter_dfData Frames Stored on Disk
matter_exExamples for "matter" package
matter_list-classHomogenous Lists Stored on Disk
matter_mat-classMatrices Stored on Disk
matter_strHomogenous Lists Stored on Disk
matter_vec-classVectors Stored on Disk
prcompPrincipal Components Analysis for "matter" Matrices
profmemProfile Memory Use
scaleScaling and Centering of "matter" Matrices
summary-statsSummary Statistics for "matter" Objects
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