Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/messina
Single-gene classifiers and outlier-resistant detection of differential expression for two-group and survival problems.

messinaFind optimal single feature classifiers
messinaDEDetect differential expression in the presence of outliers
MessinaFits-classThe MessinaFits class
messina-packageThe Messina package for classification and outlier...
MessinaParameters-classThe MessinaParameters class
MessinaResult-classThe MessinaResult class
messinaSurvFind optimal prognostic features using the Messina algorithm
messinaTopResultsDisplay a summary of the top results from a Messina analysis
plot-MessinaClassResult-missing-methodPlot the results of a Messina analysis on a classification /...
plot-MessinaSurvResult-missing-methodPlot the results of a Messina analysis on a survival problem.
show-methodsGeneric show methods for Messina objects.
tcga_kirc_exampleExample TCGA KIRC RNAseq expression and survival data
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