Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/metavizr
R Interface to the metaviz web app for interactive metagenomics data analysis and visualization

buildMetavizGraphBuild a MetavizTree object from another object
EpivizMetagenomicsData-classData container for MRexperiment objects
generateSelectionMethod to select and set aggregation type to nodes in...
MetavizApp-classClass managing connection to metaviz application.
metavizControlmetavizr settings
MetavizGraph-classGraph implementation to query hierarchical feature data
register-MRexperiment-methodGeneric method to register data to the epiviz data server
register-phyloseq-methodGeneric method to register data to the epiviz data server
setMetavizStandaloneset metaviz app standalone settings
startMetavizStart metaviz app and create 'MetavizApp' object to manage...
startMetavizStandaloneStart metaviz app in standalone (locally) and create...
validateObjectvalidate 'MRexperiment-class' object
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