Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/methylumi
Handle Illumina methylation data

CpGsData frame describing loci on the 27 and 450k arrays.
estimateMEstimate methylation M-value matrix
extractBarcodeAndPositionExtract the Barcode and Position Information from Sentrix ID
featureFilterAnnotation-based Filtering of Features (CpG sites) in a...
genericsmethylumi accessors
getAssayDataNameSubstitutionsReturn a data.frame of AssayData name substitutions.
methylData-classClass '"methylData"', superclass for MethyLumiSet and...
MethyLumi-classThe base class for storing Illumina Methylation data
methylumiGenericsGenerics defined in methylumi
MethyLumiM-classClass "MethyLumiM": for Illumina Methylation microarray data...
methylumi-packageHandle Illumina methylation data
MethyLumiQC-classClass '"MethyLumiQC"' for holding Illumina methylation QC...
methylumiRLoad data from Illumina methylation platform
MethyLumiSet-classClass '"MethyLumiSet"' for containing Illumina methylation...
mldatExample SAM format Illumina methylation dataset
normalizeMethyLumiSetNormalize a MethyLumiSet, accounting for dye bias
plotSampleIntensitiesPlot the sample intensities.
qcplotMethods for dealing with control data for Illumina...
stripBeadExtrasStrip excessive probe-level data from MethyLumiSets
varFilterVariation-based Filtering of Features (CpG sites) in a...
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