Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/miRNApath
miRNApath: Pathway Enrichment for miRNA Expression Data

checkColumnsCheck data.frame for Required Columns
convertFoldChangeConverts Fold Change to Consistent Format
filtermirnapathFilter miRNApath data
loadmirnapathLoad miRNApath Data
loadmirnapathwaysLoad gene to pathway associations for miRNApath
loadmirnatogeneLoad miRNA to gene associations for miRNApath
mirnaobjmirnaobj, an S4 object of class "mirnapath"
mirnapath-classS4 class mirnapath and its "show" method
miRNApath-packagemiRNApath: Pathway Enrichment for miRNA Expression Data
mirnaTableCreate miRNA Enrichment Summary Table as data.frame
runEnrichmentPerform gene set enrichment analysis on a miRNApath object
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