Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/motifRG
A package for discriminative motif discovery, designed for high throughput sequencing dataset

ctcf.motifsCTCF motifs predicted by motifRG
findMotifDe-novo discovery of distriminative motifs
findMotifFastaWrapper function for findMotif using fasta input
findMotifFgBgWrapper function for findMotif using two sequence datasets
getSequenceFetch genomic sequences from GRanges Object
MotifMotif objects
motifLatexTablecreate of table of motifs
plotMotifplot motif sequence matches
refinePWMMotifcreate a PWM (Position Weight Model) model given a initial...
refinePWMMotifExtendcreate an extended PWM (Position Weight Model) model given a...
summaryMotifsummarize a list of motifs
YY1.controlBackground for YY1 ChIP-Seq peaks in HepG2
YY1.peakYY1 ChIP-Seq peaks in HepG2
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