Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/nucleR
Nucleosome positioning package for R

controlCorrectionCorrect experimental profiles with control sample
coverage.rpmCoverage calculation and normalization to reads per million...
export.bedExport ranges in BED format
export.wigExport values in WIG format
filterFFTClean noise and smoothing for genomic data using...
fragmentLenDetectFragments length detection from single-end sequencing samples
mergeCallsAutomatic merging of overlapped nucleosome calls
nucleosome_htseqExample reads from high-troughtput sequencing nucleosome...
nucleosome_tilingExample intensities from Tiling Microarray nucleosome...
nucleR-packageNucleosome positioning package for R
pcKeepCompDetectAuto detection of a fitted 'pcKeepComp' param for filterFFT...
peakDetectionDetect peaks (local maximum) from values series
peakScoringPeak scoring function
plotPeaksNucleosome calling plot function
processReadsProcess reads from High-Troughtput Sequencing experiments
processTilingArrayObtain and clean nucleosome positioning data from tiling...
readBAMImport reads from a list of BAM files.
syntheticNucMapGenerates a synthetic nucleosome map
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