Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/rqubic
Qualitative biclustering algorithm for expression data analysis in R

combineBiclusts-methodsCombine two or more Biclust objects into one
discretizeDiscretize expression matrix for qualitative biclustering
eSetDimNameGet dimname from an eSet object
fcFilterFeature-Condition Filter
fcFilter-methodsFeature-Condition Filter
features-methodsExtract features and conditions
generateSeeds-methodsGenerate seeds for biclustering
parseQubicBlocksParse QUBIC Command Line Tool Output Files
QUBICBiclusterSet-classClass "QUBICBiclusterSet"
quBiclusterQualitative Biclustering
readBiclusterResultsImport bicluster results from plain text files
rqubic-packageQualitative biclustering algorithm for expression data...
writeQubicInputFileWrite an ExpressionSet object into the file format required...
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