Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/trackViewer
A bioconductor package with minimalist design for drawing elegant tracks or lollipop plot

addArrowMarkAdd arrow mark to the figure at a given position
addGuideLineAdd guide lines to the tracks
browseTracksbrowse network
coverageGRcalculate coverage
geneModelFromTxdbPrepare gene model from an object of TxDb
getCurTrackViewportGet current track viewport
GRoperatorGRanges operator
ideogramPlotplot ideogram with data
importBamReading data from a BAM file
importDataReading data from a BED or WIG file to RleList
importScoreReading data from a BED or WIG file
loadIdeogramload ideogram from UCSC
optimizeStyleOptimize the style of plot
parse2GRangesparse text into GRanges
parseWIGconvert WIG format track to BED format track
plotGRangesplot GRanges data
posClass '"pos"'
trackClass '"track"'
trackListList of tracks
trackStyleClass '"trackStyle"'
trackViewer-packageMinimal designed plotting tool for genomic data
trackViewerStyleClass '"trackViewerStyle"'
viewTracksplot the tracks
xscaleClass '"xscale"'
yaxisStyleClass '"yaxisStyle"'
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