API for Bioconductor-mirror/transcriptR
An Integrative Tool for ChIP- And RNA-Seq Based Primary Transcripts Detection and Quantification

Global functions
ChipDataSet Man page
ChipDataSet-class Man page
TranscriptionDataSet Man page
TranscriptionDataSet-class Man page
addFeature Man page
addFeature,ChipDataSet-method Man page
annot Man page
annotateTranscripts Man page
annotateTranscripts,TranscriptionDataSet,GRanges-method Man page
breakTranscriptsByPeaks Man page
breakTranscriptsByPeaks,TranscriptionDataSet,ChipDataSet-method Man page
calculateProbs Source code
cds Man page
constructCDS Man page Source code
constructTDS Man page Source code
detectTranscripts Man page
detectTranscripts,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
dissectTranscribedRegions Source code
estimateBackground Man page
estimateBackground,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
estimateDensity Source code
estimateErrorRate Source code
estimateFpkm Source code
estimateGapDistance Man page
estimateGapDistance,TranscriptionDataSet,GRanges-method Man page
estimateProbCutoff Source code
evaluatePeaks Source code
exportCoverage Man page
exportCoverage,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
getConfusionMatrix Man page
getConfusionMatrix,ChipDataSet-method Man page
getGenomicAnnot Man page
getGenomicAnnot,ChipDataSet-method Man page
getPeaks Man page
getPeaks,ChipDataSet-method Man page
getPredictorSignificance Man page
getPredictorSignificance,ChipDataSet-method Man page
getProbTreshold Man page
getProbTreshold,ChipDataSet-method Man page
getQuadProb Man page
getQuadProb,ChipDataSet-method Man page
getTestedGapDistances Man page
getTestedGapDistances,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
getTranscripts Man page
getTranscripts,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
peaksToBed Man page
peaksToBed,ChipDataSet-method Man page
plotErrorRate Man page
plotErrorRate,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
plotFeatures Man page
plotFeatures,ChipDataSet-method Man page
plotGenomicAnnot Man page
plotGenomicAnnot,ChipDataSet-method Man page
plotPeakCoverage Source code
plotROC Man page
plotROC,ChipDataSet-method Man page
predictStrand Man page
predictStrand,ChipDataSet,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
predictTssOverlap Man page
predictTssOverlap,ChipDataSet-method Man page
q1q2SeparatingLine Source code
readBam Source code
readPeaks Source code
rpkm Source code
show Man page
show,ChipDataSet-method Man page
show,TranscriptionDataSet-method Man page
tds Man page
transcriptsToBed Man page
transcriptsToBed,GRanges-method Man page
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