API for Bioconductor-mirror/variancePartition
Quantify and interpret divers of variation in multilevel gene expression experiments

Global functions
ESS Man page
ESS,lmerMod-method Man page
as.matrix Man page
as.matrix,varPartResults-method Man page
calcVarPart Man page
calcVarPart,lm-method Man page
calcVarPart,lmerMod-method Man page
canCorPairs Man page Source code
colinearityScore Man page Source code
exprIter Source code
extractVarPart Man page Source code
fitExtractVarPartModel Man page Source code
fitExtractVarPartModel,EList-method Man page
fitExtractVarPartModel,ExpressionSet-method Man page
fitExtractVarPartModel,data.frame-method Man page
fitExtractVarPartModel,matrix-method Man page
fitVarPartModel Man page Source code
fitVarPartModel,EList-method Man page
fitVarPartModel,ExpressionSet-method Man page
fitVarPartModel,data.frame-method Man page
fitVarPartModel,matrix-method Man page
geneCounts Man page
geneExpr Man page
getAdjustVariables Source code
getVarianceComponents Man page Source code
get_denom Source code
ggColorHue Man page Source code
heatmap.3 Source code
info Man page
isMultipleVaryingCoefficientTerms Source code
isVaryingCoefficientModel Source code
plotCorrMatrix Man page Source code
plotCorrStructure Man page Source code
plotPercentBars Man page Source code
plotStratify Man page Source code
plotStratifyBy Man page Source code
plotVarPart Man page Source code
plotVarPart,data.frame-method Man page
plotVarPart,matrix-method Man page Man page
plotVarPart,varPartResults-method Man page Man page
residuals Man page
residuals,VarParFitList-method Man page
sMixedModelFormula Source code
sortCols Man page Source code
sortCols,data.frame-method Man page
sortCols,matrix-method Man page
sortCols,varPartResults-method Man page
varPartConfInf Man page Source code
varPartData Man page
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