Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/yaqcaffy
Affymetrix expression data quality control and reproducibility analysis

getAllIntGet the summerized MAS5 values for a given spike probe
getBioProbesGet the names of the Bio spike probes on the array
getOutliersGet outliers for the different YAQCStatsObject slots
getQCRatiosCompute qc probe ratios using GCOS intensity values
getRatioProbesGet the names of degradation control probes on the array
getSpikeProbesGet the names of all spike probes on the array
probeSelectionInterfaceTcltk Interface to Generate an Instance of YaqcControlProbes...
reprodPlotPlot human whole genome GeneChips reproductibility
yaqc.affy'YAQCStats' constructor
YaqcControlProbes-classClass "YaqcControlProbes"
yaqc.plotPlots a YAQCStats object
YAQCStats-classClass "YAQCStats"
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