An R data-package for NCES IPEDS data. Instead of crawling the data manually or using the IPEDS package, this package simply keeps stores the data in R data frames for easy access. All you need to do is load the survey data of choice into your environment, and you are off and running. In addition, there will be some helper functions to calculate common KPIs, like admit rate, freshmen discount rate, etc.

Quick Start

To install the package, simply use devtools. This will take a second because there are a lot of data to grab.


A Sample Session

Load the packages


Load the institutional characterstics dataset


What do we have?


Keep records where the # of applicants isn't missing

ic = filter(ic, applcn > 0 & app_year >= 2002)

Plot the data by the app year, which is not always in the survey year.

tbl_df(ic) %>% group_by(app_year) %>% summarise(apps = sum(applcn)) %>% plot(type="l", ylim=c(0,10000000))

Prior to 2014, it looks like some institutions had the choice on what application year they would report. In 2014, it apepars that the option was removed. As a result, there is a sizable drop in app volume in 2013.


Data Collected

To do


Issues/Questions/Feature Requests

For data issues, or feature requests, feel free to submit an Issue to this repo. I will do my best to monitor and stay on top of issues.

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March 2016

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