Man pages for CarlBoneri/autorox
Automate proper package documentation

chain.dfPass an object through a dataframe converting chain
clean.drop_naDrop NA items from a list
clean.drop_nullDrop NULL items from a list
clean.drop_zero_lenSet return rules on returned list data
get_pack_listUse a prebuilt list of useful packages
get_packsRetreive a pre-built package list object from another...
launch_packwrapper for generic startup
packs.base_launchLoad the default libs needed
packs.find_localUtility function to find in the library
packs.hushSilently iterate through a list of packages and load into the...
parse.urls_dfParse a single or string of urls
roxy.author_refPerson attribute key table
roxy.desc_setupFormatting for the DESCRIPTION file at the command line
roxy.exportPreformatted export block
roxy.format_dataFormatting Data Sets
roxy.funcA wrapper for formatting function names in a package.
roxy.func_familyGenerate family classes for functions
roxy.func_from_extLinks to another package
roxy.func_from_wdLinking to functions in this package
roxy.func_paramsFormatting Arguments for prebuilt functions
roxy.func_top_lineTop Block Formatting
roxy.italicsText formatters
roxy.list_bulletedUnordered bulleted Lists
roxy.list_defineNamed Lists
roxy.list_numberedFormat a numbered list
roxy.make_exampleFormatting Examples
roxy.rd_emailsEmail Formatters
roxy.see_alsoA wrapper and auto generating function for documenting...
roxy.web_linkWeb URL formatters
roxy.wrap_linesUtility wrapper for all outputs
txt.all_tokenThe Kitchen Sink
txt.prep_htmlOutput HTML preformatted text
txt.prettyFormat text output in a selected class
txt.return_wrapFormatting helper function to be recycled
utils.console_printFor interactive selections at the command line
utils.help_listGeneric wrapper for most commonly needed universals
utils.show_meReturn all library and global env information
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