chain.df: Pass an object through a dataframe converting chain

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chain.df returns an object as a Data Frame Most of the time when manipulating data in a 'pipe' converting an object or array into a data frame is simplest, but comes with varying drawbacks and I don't normally set options(stringsAsFactors=F) as a default. This allows passing a melted or converted object in a chain and setting the class on each column as well as renaming the defaults or including the row names as a column


chain.df(x, col_name = NULL, with_row = NULL)



Data object to manipulate


string or character to apply as a column name for created DataFrame structure


character or string Should row.names be appended to the DataFrame Note:This could be considered logical in nature as setting with_row to T will automatically bring the rownames in however if explicitly passing a character or string that will be used in the naming convention

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