Man pages for CarlBoneri/rmory
Global css and html resources for material design in R

adfConvert an object in a chain into a data frame structure
adf.stackConvert a data frame object into a molten indexed table
all.capsDetermine if all the letters in a string are in title case
dirs.get_rFunction to extract and/or find all .R|.r file types in a...
dirs.nginxTraverse the server and locate the files in the *NGINX*...
dirs.r_pathsReference paths dependent upon the active system class
docr.authorBuild an RD formatted Author line
docr.clean_funBuild a clean and set-formatted function
docr.describe_dfBuild an RD formatted output of a dataframe object
find.firstFind the file from the local server
funs.to_fileFind, compile and index a directory or library of R scripts...
is.dirDetermine if a returned path is a directory or a file.
is.fileDetect if a returned path is a directory or a file
is.linuxUtility functions for detecting Linux environment
is.macUtility functions for detecting OSX environment
is.sysDetect the system type currently running R
is.windowsUtility functions for detecting Windows environment
libs.needLoad required libraries and resources app wide in the event a...
rt.design_helpBrowse and retrieve material design guidelines by section
rt.google_parsePalette information
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