Man pages for CarlBoneri/rsecure
A series of helper functions to support encrypting and storing R data objects

enc.keyBuild a PEM key and store to a directory
enc.lock_dataLocking data into an encrypted file
enc.read_keyRead in a key object from an external PEM file
enc.unlock_dataUnlock a stored encypted data object
files.info_dfWorking with file information
packs.base_launchLoad the default libs needed
packs.console_readUse generated options at the console to select needed...
packs.find_by_descFind information about installed packages.
packs.find_localUtility function to find in the library
packs.getRetreive a pre-built package list object from another...
packs.get_listUse a prebuilt list of useful packages
packs.hushSilently iterate through a list of packages and load into the...
packs.launchwrapper for generic startup
rsecure-packageWhat the package does (short line) ~~ package title ~~
txt.adfHelper function for data frame manipulation in pipes
util.detach_allUtility for detaching packages from a working directory
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