Man pages for CarlBoneri/rtillery
Series of helper functions for building and documenting packages and managing projects

chain.col_namesSet colnames on a piped data frame
chain.df_twoCreate a data frame object in a pipe
data.df_printFormat documentation for a data frame
doc.auto_importGenerate and build into the DESC file package imports from...
doc.auto_pack_dfHelper function to build a data frame of loaded packages
doc.build_paramGenerate preformated param chunks
doc.desc_listParse and return the 'DESCRIPTION' file into list object
doc.family_nameBuild a list of potential family groupings from package...
doc.format_tableFormatting table outputs
doc.make_licGenerate a LICENSE formatted to Rd specs
doc.make_linkPre build most common needed Rd formatting mechanisms
doc.package_rPackage documentation
doc.packs_externalHelper function to build a data frame of installed packages...
doc.str_outputProper format for text bodies needed in Documentation
drop.set_authWorking with dropbox
enc.new_lockGenerate and store an encrrypted key object
enc.unlockDecrypting a shielded object
file.closest_matchMatching convention
file.from_anywhereUtility for finding relative files in any directory
files.info_dfWorking with file information
file.utils_extBEST WORKING
file.utils_pathsExtract path levels
file.what_are_youDetermine if the object is a file or a folder
helpers.listGeneric wrapper for most commonly needed universals
packs.base_launchLoad the default libs needed
packs.console_readUse generated options at the console to select needed...
packs.find_by_descFind information about installed packages.
packs.find_localUtility function to find in the library
packs.getRetreive a pre-built package list object from another...
packs.get_listUse a prebuilt list of useful packages
packs.hushSilently iterate through a list of packages and load into the...
packs.launchwrapper for generic startup
parse.line_danceUnnesting algorithm
parse.line_dance_treeUnnesting algorithm
parse.list_to_keyConvert nested lists into a keyname-structure list.
parse.nullConvertHelper function to convert NULLs returned in a list
parse.urls_to_dfActions to perform to empty cells in a Data Frame
rgx.unicode_refsParse the Unicode ref table
txt.adfConveniance function for data frames
txt.enc_from_webScrubbing function for unknown text formatting used with api...
txt.extractrExtract text fragments by character or position
txt.html_cleanReturn safe text for processing
txt.kill_spacesRemove all spaces from a string
txt.parse_urlParsing urls
txt.rm_puncRemove all punctuation from a string or optionally negate a...
txt.split_sentenceSplit a text body by sentence into a character vector and...
txt.trim_endsRemove any extra spaces from a string.
txt.uni_refsParse the Unicode ref table
utils.parse_file_extParse a file extension from a relative path
utils.swap_dirSwitch directories and find files in alternate sub folders
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