Man pages for Cattes/RLOTUS
LOgistic Tree with Unbiased Selection (LOTUS)

bandsThe bands dataset
carsThe cars dataset
cutTreeExclude tree levels larger than maxDepth.
eveneven function
plot.predict.RLOTUSPlot the predicted probabilities of RLOTUS
plot.RLOTUSPlot RLOTUS objects
predict.RLOTUSPrediction function for RLOTUS objects
print.RLOTUSPrint RLOTUS Objects
print.summary.RLOTUSPrint RLOTUS.summary
splitPointSelectionSplit Point Selection
splitVarSelectionSplit Variable Selection
summary.RLOTUSSummarise RLOTUS objects
terminalCountTerminal Count
terminalFitTerminal Node Fitting
treeComplexityTree Complexity
treeDepthTree Depth
treeShortExclude empty nodes in the tree.
treeStructureTree Structure
trendAdjustedChiSquareTrend Adjusted Chi-Squared Test
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