Man pages for CellH5/cellh5-R
CellH5 reader

C5BoundingBoxesReturn the bounding boxes of the object.
C5CenterReturn the centers of the object.
C5ClassifierDefinitionRead the classifier definition from the file.
C5CloseClose cellh5 instance and release hdf5 resources.
C5ClosePositionsClose Cellh5 positions (hdf5 groups)
C5EventFeaturesReturn the feature vector per track found by the event...
C5EventsRead out the tracks found by the event selection.
C5FeatureNamesRead out the feature names used for a particular classifier
C5FeaturesByNameRead features
C5FileInfoPrint basic information of the content of a cellh5 file.
C5FrameNumbersReturn a list of frame numbers for each object.
C5HasClassifiedObjectsReturns 'TRUE' if a position contains objects that has been...
C5HasEventsChecks if a position contains events found by event...
C5HasObjectsChecks if a position contains objects found by segmentation.
C5HasTimelapseChecks if a position contains timelapse information.
C5ObjectCountsRead out the number of cells per frame and class label
C5ObjectDetailsRead out detailed object table
C5ObjectLabelsList of all Object found in the timelapse
C5OrientationAngle and eccentricity of an ellipse fit.
C5PlatesGet a list of processed plates names from the file.
C5PositionsGet a list of positions
C5PredictionProbabilitiesRead out the prediction probabilities.
C5PredictionsRead out the predicted class names.
c5readRead arbitrary tables from the cellh5 file.
C5ReadImageRead an raw image as array
C5SegementationMasksList of the segmentation masks
C5TimelapseRead the timelapse table for a given positions
cellh5S4 class for easy access of ch5 files.
cellh5_packagecellh5 for fun with R
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