Man pages for ChadGoymer/github
Provides R wrapper functions for the GitHub API

gh_archiveGet archive link
gh_branchGet branch
gh_branchesList branches
gh_collaborator_permissionReview a user's permission level
gh_collaboratorsList collaborators
gh_commentGet a single commit comment
gh_commentsList commit comments for a repository or commit
gh_commitGet a single commit
gh_commitsList commits on a repository
gh_compareCompare two branches
gh_contentsGet contents
gh_contributersList contributors
gh_git_blobFUNCTION: gh_git_blob —————- Get a blob
gh_git_commitGet a commit
gh_git_referenceGet a reference
gh_git_referencesGet all references
gh_git_tagGet a tag
gh_git_treeGet a tree
gh_languagesList languages
gh_orgGet an organization
gh_org_reposList organization repositories
gh_orgsList all organizations
gh_readmeGet the README
gh_repoGet repository
gh_reposList all public repositories
gh_tagsList Tags
gh_teamsList Teams
gh_urlBuild the URL for the github API
gh_userGet a single user
gh_user_orgsList user organizations
gh_user_reposList user repositories
gh_usersGet all users
github_branchesGet information about all the head commits in each branch.
github_commitsGet all information on the commits for a specified SHA or...
github_compare_commitsList the commits from the head of one branch to where it...
github_compare_filesList the files that have changed from the head of one branch...
github_downloadDownload the entire tree from a commit.
github_filesSummarise the files in a repository
github_saveSave a file from GitHub to a specified location
github_shaGet the SHA for the commit referenced by a tag or branch
github_sourceSource an R file from GitHub
is_collaboratorCheck if a user is a collaborator
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