Man pages for ChingChuan-Chen/rfda
rfpa - To provide some tools used in functional data analysis

adjGcvBwAdjustment of optimal bandwidth choosed by gcv
bwCandChooserFind the candidates of bandwidths for locPoly1d and...
checkSparsityTest whether data is regular
corrGenCorrelation Generation Function
designPlotThe design plot of the functional data
FPCACalculating the functional principal components
funcDataGenCorrelation Generation Function
gcvLocLinear2dFind the optimal bandwidth for two-dimensional kernel linear...
gcvLocPoly1dFind the optimal bandwidth for one-dimensional kernel local...
get_FPCA_optsFPCA options settings
getRawCrCovGet the raw cross-covariance surface
interp11-D data interpolation.
interp22-D data interpolation.
irregularExDataexample data: regular with missing
locLinear2dTwo-dimensional kernel linear local smoother
locPoly1dOne-dimensional kernel local polynominal smoother
locQuantPoly1dOne-dimensional kernel local polynominal smoother of...
rbindTransListrbind a transposed list of lists of data.frames
regularExDataexample data: regular
rfdarfda: a tool of functional data analysis
screePlotscreeplot for
sparseExDataexample data: sparse
sparsifyFind the candidates of bandwidths for locLinear2d
spline_fPerform cubic spline on data for interpolation
splitMattrapz: trapezoidal rule to approximate the integral values
trapztrapz: trapezoidal rule to approximate the integral values
unique_rowsunique rows
unnestFind the candidates of bandwidths for locLinear2d
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