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Use opendatascot to download data from with a single line of R code. opendatascot removes the need to write SPARQL code; you simply need the URI of a dataset. opendatascot can be used interactively, or as part of a reproducible analytical pipeline.


Install opendatascot from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

If the above does not work, you can install from source:

  1. Go to the opendatascot repository on GitHub
  2. Click Clone or download then Download ZIP
  3. Save the file locally (e.g. your H drive) and Unzip
  4. Install with install.packages()
install.packages("your/directory/opendatascot", repos = NULL,
                 type="source", lib = "your/R/package/library/directory")


Find the name of the dataset you want using ods_all_datasets()

Learn more in vignette("opendatascot") or ?ods_dataset.

Use ods_all_datasets() to find all datasets currently loaded onto

Use ods_dataset() to get the data from a dataset in

Use ods_structure() to find all the full sets of categories and values for a particular dataset (helpful for creating new filters for ods_dataset!)

Use ods_print_query() to produce the SPARQL query used by ods_dataset().


Get a dataframe of all datasets on, their uri, and publisher all_scotgov_datasets <- ods_all_datasets()

Discover the structure of the dataset on homelessness applications - so we can use this in a later filter our_structure <- ods_structure("homelessness-applications")

After viewing our_structure - we decide we only want the data for “all applications” and for the periods “2015/2016” and “2016/2017”, so we add these to the filter.

Only interested in a particular geographical level? Use the "geography" argument to return only specific levels.

local_authority_only <- ods_dataset("homelessness-applications",
                              geography = "la")

Option for geography are: "dz" - returns datazones only "iz" - returns intermediate zones only "hb" - returns healthboards only "la" - returns local authorities only "sc" - returns Scotland as a whole only

Geography manipulation

If you're looking for information about what geographies are contained by, or containing, other geographies, there are two handy functions to help - ods_find_lower_geographies() will return a dataframe of all geographies that are contained by the geography you pass it ods_find_higher_geographies() will return a dataframe of all geographies that contain the geography you pass it

all_zones_in_iz <- ods_find_lower_geographies("S02000003")

This dataframe can then be passed to ods_dataset to get infomation about these geographies! We just need to select the vector of geography codes, and use the refArea filter option:

data_about_these_geographies <- ods_dataset("house-sales-prices",
                                             refArea = all_zones_in_iz$geography)

Future development

This package is under active development, so any further functionality will be mentioned here when it’s ready. If something important is missing, feel free to contact the contributors or add a new issue.

Since this package is under active development, breaking changes may be necessary. We will make it clear once the package is reasonably stable.

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