EVER (Estimation of Variance by Efficient Replication) is an R package for calibration, estimation and sampling error assessment in complex sample surveys.

EVER's sampling variance estimation is based on the extended DAGJK (Delete-A-group Jackknife) technique proposed by P. S. Kott (see References).


You can install the development version of EVER from GitHub as follows:


The last released version of EVER can be downloaded from Istat website.


A pkgdown website for the EVER package is available here: -


Kott, Phillip S. (1999) "The Extended Delete-A-Group Jackknife". Bulletin of the International Statistical Instititute. 52nd Session. Contributed Papers. Book 2, pp. 167-168.

Kott, Phillip S. (2001) "The Delete-A-Group Jackknife". Journal of Official Statistics, Vol.17, No.4, pp. 521-526.

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