Man pages for DirkSteinhauser/tgxBasis
Basic Functions for Basic Data Types and Extended Metadata Classes

aggregCompute Margin Summary Statistics of Object Anti-Margin...
anyListCoerce to an anyList
anyList-classElement List Class
any.list.extractExtract or Replace List Object Elements
applyApply Functions over Objects
argListCoerce to an argList
argList-classArgument List Class
arg.list.extractExtract or Replace Argument List Elements
argMetaRCDocumentation for Recurring Parameters
ArithGroup Generic Functions: Arith an Object to a Data Frame
as.listCoerce an Object to a List
as.matrixCoerce an Object to a Matrix
as.numericCoerce an Object to a Numeric Vector
as.vectorCoerce an Object to a Vector
castmConvert Dataset
cast.metaDefault Options for Slot Element Coercion
castxConvert Object Elements
colaggregCompute Row-wise Summary Statistics of Object Column Subsets
colfunApply Functions over Object Columns
colgruplyApply Functions over Rows of Object Column Subsets
colListCoerce to a colList
colList-classList Class with Equal Row Dimensions of Elements
col.list.extractExtract Column List Object Elements
colNAColumn-wise Missing Value Summary
colnamesThe Column Names of an Object
colnames_metaThe Metadata Column Names
colnames_slotThe Metadata Column Names
CompareGroup Generic Functions: Compare
DataRawA toy data set of numerical measurements.
DataSetMatrixA toy experiment dataset object of extended matrix class.
delog_tfrmDelogarithms with Offsets
diagMatrix Diagonals of an Object
dimThe Dimensions of an Object
dimaggregCompute Anti-Margin Summary Statistics of Object Margin...
dimfunApply Functions over Objects
dimgroupbyBuild Row and Column Groups
dimgruplyApply Functions over Anti-Margin of Object Margin Subsets
dimListCoerce to a dimList
dimList-classList Class with Equal Dimensions of Elements
dim.list.extractExtract Dimension List Object Elements
dim_metaThe Dimensions of Metadata
dimnamesThe Dimension Names of an Object
dimnames_metaThe Metadata Dimension Names
dimnames_slotThe Metadata Dimension Names
dimrThe Recursive Dimensions of an Object
do.factorGenerate or Remove Factors
dropDrop Redundant Extent Information
dropbyDrop Missing By Arguments
dropfactorsDrop Factors from Objects
droplevelsDrop Unused Levels from Objects
dropnilDrop Null
expand.frameExpand Table by Copying Table Items to Anchors
factorunitGenerate Factors of Numeric Units
grepl_metaPattern Matching on Objects
grepl_slotPattern Matching on Objects
grepmatchGrep Pattern Matches from Data
grep_metaPattern Matching on Objects
grep_slotPattern Matching on Objects
groupbyBuild Groups
gruplyApply Functions over Margin of Object Anti-Margin Subsets
headReturn the First or Last Part of an Object
isBlankZero-length Dimension Test
is.finiteFinite, Infinite and NaN Numbers
is.naMissing ('Not Available') Values
is.numericEvaluate if an Object is a Numeric Vector
is.xtdDatasetCoerce to a Dataset Object
itemeltInternal Validation for Extracting Elements
itemsetExtract or Replace Object Elements
keyDataKeywords for Extended Table (Data Frame) Dataset
keysColsMetaColumn Metadata Keywords for Extended Matrix
lapplyApply Functions over Objects
lengthThe Length of an Object
logb.attribLogarithms Attributes of Objects
LogicGroup Generic Functions: Logic
log_tfrmLogarithms with Offsets
lower.triLower and Upper Triangular Part of a Dataset Object
lower.triangleLower and Upper Triangular Part of a Dataset Object
marginMargin Conversion Using Partial Matching
MathGroup Generic Functions: Math
mbindCombine or Update Metadata Columns
mergeMerge Two Objects
mergebyMerge Two Objects by Common Metadata
meta.coercionMeta Coerce Table
MetaColsA toy data set of meta information for observations...
metadataMetadata Column Extraction
meta.defaultsDefault Settings for Package *tgxBasis*
metamergeMerge Two Metadata Objects
MetaRowsA toy data set of meta information for variables (analytes). a Data Frame
mk.listRebuild a List
mk.matrixRebuild a Matrix
namesThe Names of an Object
names_metaThe Meta Names of a Metadata Object
names_slotThe Metadata Names
ncol_metaThe Number of Rows and Columns of Metadata
nrowThe Number of Rows and Columns of an Object
nrow_metaThe Number of Rows of Metadata
omiteltInternal Validation for Removing Elements
opts.packagePackage Global Options
opts.specialSpecial Global Options
order.frameOrder Table Rows by Columns
read.matrixRead Matrix
read.matrixsetRead an Extended Matrix Dataset
read.metaRead Table
read.tablesetRead an Extended Table Dataset
reloadsReload Saved Datasets
removexRemoving Object Elements
replicatesCreate Replicates from Metadata
rowaggregCompute Column-wise Summary Statistics of Object Row Subsets
rowfunApply Functions over Object Rows
rowgruplyApply Functions over Columns of Object Rows Subsets
rowListCoerce to a rowList
rowList-classList Class with Equal Row Dimensions of Elements
row.list.extractExtract Row List Object Elements
rowNARows-wise Missing Value Summary
rownamesThe Row Names of an Object
rownames_metaThe Metadata Row Names
rownames_slotThe Metadata Row Names
S4groupGenericGroup Generic Functions
sapplyApply Functions over Objects
savingSave R Objects
showShow and Print for Objects
slot_colsGet and Set the Column Metadata (Observations, Samples) Slot...
slot_dataGet and Set the Data Slot in an Object
slot_evalGet and Set the Slots in an Object from a Formal Class
sortxSort and Resort an Object
string_metaConcatenate Metadata
subsetSubsetting Objects
subsetQSubsetting Objects Using Quoted Logical Expressions
SummaryGroup Generic Functions: Summary
sweepSweep out Array Summaries
sweepoutSweep out Groupwise Array Summaries
tDataset Transpose
table_metaCross Tabulation and Table Creation
tfrmsTransformation Function for Sorting and Ranking with Factor...
tgxBasistgxBasis: Basic Functions for Basic Data Types and Extended...
tgxBasis-defunctDefunct Functions in Package *tgxBasis*
tgxBasis-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package *tgxBasis*
updateObjectUpdate an Object to its Current Class Definition
uploadsReload Saved Datasets
vapplyApply Functions over Objects
verifyEvaluate Object Element
write.matrixsetWrite an Extended Matrix Dataset
write.metaWrite Table
xtdMatrixCoerce to an Extended Matrix Dataset
xtdMatrix-classExtended Matrix Class
xtd.matrix.extractExtract or Replace Extended Matrix Object Elements
xtdTableCoerce to an Extended Table (Data Frame) Dataset
xtdTable-classExtended Table Class
xtd.table.extractExtract or Replace Extended Table Object Elements
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