Man pages for DirkSteinhauser/tgxUtils
Extended Utility Toolbox for R Package and Workflow Developments

anyAppendAppends Object Elements without Overwriting
anyElemExtract or Replace a Single Element
anyModifyModifies Object Elements without Appending
anyNamesThe Names of an Object
anyUpdateUpdate Object Elements with Overwriting and Expansion
asVectorVector Conversions
capitalizeCapitalize the First Letter of a String
chkSessionInfoCheck Session Info for Clean Session
cloneEnvirClone Environment
convertListConvert List to Another List
copyEnvirCopy Environment
DIMDimensions of an Object
dimNamesThe Dimnames of an Object
dumpLibraryDetach Objects from the Search Path
elemeltInternal Validation for Extracting a Single Elements
fileBasenameFile Basename Extraction
fileExtensionFile Extension Extraction
fileLookupList the Files in a Directory or Folder
filePasteConstruct File Path
filePathFile Path Creation from Previous Path
getPackageMapSuggested Package Table
getPackageNamesReturns Names of Suggested R Packages
installInstall Suggested R Packages
isListOnlyJust a List
LENLength of an Object
loadLibraryLoading and Listing of Packages
matchArgArgument Verification Using Partial Matching
mkVectorVector Re-Conversions
msgNoteConcatenate Messages
nzCharCount the Number of Characters
optMountGlobal Mount Settings
optReposGlobal Repository Settings
parsePathSplit a Path into its Components
pkgAvailList Available Packages at CRAN-like Repositories
pkgContribUrlFind Appropriate Path in CRAN-like Repositories
pkgInstallInstall Packages from CRAN-like Repositories or Local Files
pkgOptionsUtility Functions for Package Option Settings
pkgRepoAvailTest Accessibility of CRAN-like Repositories
pkgRepoPathGet Repository Directory and Package Path
pkgTypeGet Type in CRAN-like Repositories
pkgUpdateCompare Installed Packages with CRAN-like Repositories
randMatrixRandom Matrix Generation
ranUpdateIndexUpdate Package Files
readableHuman Readable String
rowElemExtract or Replace a Single Margin Element
rowNamesThe Row and Column Names
RversionN-Digit R Version String
RversionStringGet the n-Digit R Version String
showHeadPrint First Elements of Objects
sourceDirectorySource R Source Files
strictNamesValidation of Identifier-like Syntactical Names
tgxUtilstgxUtils: Extended Utility Toolbox for R Package and Workflow...
tgxUtils-defunctDefunct Functions in Package *tgxUtils*
tgxUtils-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in Package *tgxUtils*
tryCondition Handling and Recovery
validEchoReturn Value for Valid Functions
validNamesValidation of Identifier-like Names
whichAnyWhich Indices are TRUE
whichMinFind the Minimum or Maximum
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