Man pages for EhrmannS/lomm
obtain, modify and measure gridded data

catalogBuild a look-up-table (catalog)
depthListDetermine depth of a list
doyToDateTranslate 'day of the year' to a date
generateGenerate spatial (gridded) patterns
geom-classGeometry class and methods
geomPointsCreate a point geometry
geomPolygonCreate a polygon geometry
geomTilesCreate a regular tiling geometry
getColumnGet variables or columns (generic)
getCRSGet the coordinate reference system (generic)
getExtentGet the extent (generic)
getHistoryGet the history (generic)
getRowGet rows (generic)
getSubsetGet subset (generic)
getTableGet the table (generic)
getWindowGet the reference window (generic)
gFromDerive a 'geom' from other spatial objects
gGroupGroup geometries
gRotateRotate geometries
gScaleScale geometries
gToGrobTransform geometry to grob
gToRasterTransform geometry to raster
gToSpTransform geometry to spatial object
length-geom-methodDetermin number of vertices
listArgsList arguments of the parent function
load_csvLoad 'csv' files
loadDataImport spatial datasets
load_hdfLoad 'hdf' files
load_kmlLoad 'kml' files
load_svgLoad 'svg' files
locateLocate (and identify) clicks
lommlomm: obtain, modify and measure gridded data
lommDataAn example raster stack
lommLogoA matrix that represents the logo of this package
lommPathsDataset paths
mAdjacencyAdjacency of cells
mAreaArea of objects
mCPADerived metric: Class proportion of the Landscape
mDEDerived metric: Edge density
mDEcDerived metric: Edge density
mDPDerived metric: Patch density
measureMeasure gridded objects
meta_emmaMetadata of the MODIS datasets
meta_modisMetadata of the MODIS datasets
mLPIDerived metric: Largest Patch Index
mNumberNumber of objects
modifyModify gridded objects
mPARDerived metric: Perimeter-Area ratio
mPerimeterEdge length
mPLADerived metric: Percentage of Like Adjacencies
mValuesCell value distribution
nlmGradientBuild a gradient landscape model
nlmHeightmapBuild a landscape model based on a heightmap
nlmRandomBuild a random landscape model
obtainObtain spatial datasets
oCLCObtain Corine Land Cover data
oEMMAObtain data of European mammals.
oGFCObtain Global Forest Change data
oMODISObtain MODIS data
projsProjections which are in use in lomm
radTransform degree to radians
rBinariseBinarise the values in a raster
rBlendBlend two rasters with each other
rBoundedSelect cells with values between an upper and lower threshold...
rCategoriseAssign categories to the values in a raster
rCentroidDetermine the centroid of patches in a raster
rDilateMorphologically dilate foreground patches in a raster
rDistanceCalculate the distance map for a raster
referenceList of references
ref_modisReferences of the MODIS dataset
rErodeMorphologically erode foreground patches in a raster
rFillNAFill NA values in a raster
rGreaterSelect cells with values above a threshold in a raster
rLessSelect cells with values below a threshold in a raster
rMaskSelect cells of a raster based on a mask
rMatchMatch cells of a raster with a kernel
rOffsetOffset the values in a raster.
rPatchesDetermine foreground patches in a raster
rPermuteApply a permutation to the cell values of a raster
rRangeRescale the range of values of a raster
rReduceCombine a raster stack after segregation
rRescaleChange the resolution of a raster
rSegregateSegregate values in a raster into layers
rSkeletoniseDetermine the skeleton of foreground patches in a raster
rSubstituteSubstitute values in a raster
scaleValsScale values
setCRSSet (or transform) the coordinate reference system (generic)
setThemeCreate a new theme
show-geom-methodPrint geom in the console
theme_lommDefault visualising theme
toEnvironmentObject management
updatePathsManage the internal paths of lomm
visualiseVisualise gridded objects and geometries
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