sparkhaven: Read SAS, SPSS, & STATA data files into Spark DataFrames

What is sparkhaven?

sparkhaven is an extension for sparklyr to read SAS, SPSS, & STATA data files into Spark DataFrames. It uses different Spark packages to load such datasets in parallel in Spark.

Currently, there's functionality for SAS only. SPSS & STATA will come shortly. Submit a pull request if interested in contributing.


sparkhaven requires the sparklyr package to run

Install sparklyr

I recommend the latest stable version of sparklyr available on CRAN


Install sparkhaven

Install the development version of sparkhaven from this Github repo using devtools


Connecting to Spark

If Spark is not already installed, use the following sparklyr command to install your prefered version of Spark:

spark_install(version = "2.0.0")

The call to will make the sparkhaven functions available on the R search path and will also ensure that the dependencies required by the package are included when we connect to Spark.


We can create a Spark connection as follows:

sc <- spark_connect(master = "local")

Reading SAS files

sparkhaven provides the function spark_read_sas to read SAS data files in .sas7bdat format into Spark DataFrames. It uses a Spark package called spark-sas7bdat. Here's an example.

In the example below, we read a sas data file called mtcars.sas7bdat into a table called sas_table in Spark.

mtcars_file <- system.file("extdata", "mtcars.sas7bdat", package = "sparkhaven")

mtcars_df <- spark_read_sas(sc, path = mtcars_file, table = "sas_example")

The resulting pointer to a Spark table can be further used in dplyr statements.

mtcars_df %>% group_by(cyl) %>%
  summarise(count = n(), avg.mpg = mean(mpg), avg.displacment = mean(disp), avg.horsepower = mean(hp))

Reading SPSS files

Coming soon!

Reading STATA files

Coming soon!

Logs & Disconnect

Look at the Spark log from R:

spark_log(sc, n = 100)

Now we disconnect from Spark:


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