Man pages for GIGTennis/sofascoreR
Scraping Tennis Data from Sofascore

append_matchesAppend Matches
assign_importanceAdd Importance to Point-level Data
assign_pressureAdd Pressure Score to Point-level Data
atp_calendarATP Calendar
atp_eloATP Elo
atp_elo_clayATP Elo Clay Court Ratings
atp_elo_grassATP Elo Grass Court Ratings
atp_elo_hardATP Elo Hard Court Ratings
atp_matchesATP Matches
atp_matches_sofaATP Matches
clutchClutch Summary
current_eloSurface-adjusted Elo Ratings
draw_eloDraw Elo Ratings
draw_predictionDraw Predictions
elo_predictionElo-Based Win Prediction
elo_updateUpdate Elo Predictions
first_round_predictionFirst Round Predictions
matchCollect Match Data
matchidsCollect URLs and Match Meta Data
pbpCollect Point-by-Point Data
player_namesMatches Player Names to Source
pressure_scoresPressure Scores
roundsSofascore Rounds
sofa_to_historicalConvert Sofa Matches to Historical Format
tournament_infoCollect Tournament Data
tournamentsSofascore Tournaments
update_elo_atpUpdate Men's ELO
update_elo_wtaUpdate Women's ELO
update_matchesUpdate Current Matches
wta_calendarWTA Calendar
wta_eloWTA Elo
wta_elo_clayWTA Elo Clay Ratings
wta_elo_grassWTA Elo Grass Court Ratings
wta_elo_hardWTA Elo Hard Court Ratings
wta_matchesWTA Matches
wta_matches_sofaWTA Matches
yearsSofascore Years
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