PTCA4CATA .0.1.0

An R-package: Implements Partial Triadic Correspondence Analysis (PTCA) for the analysis of data coming from "Check All That Apply" (CATA) and related designs. So the developed acronym PTCA4CATA means:

Partial Triadic Correspondence Analysis for Check All That Apply


PTCA4CATA is a collection of functions for the analysis of Partial Triadic Correspondence Analysis: An extension of Correspondence Analysis to 3-ways data (e.g., Stimuli by Descriptors by Participants).


To install PTCA4CATA from Github use the function install_github() from the package devtools:

#install.packages("devtools") # decomment this line if devtools is not yet intalled
devtools::install_github("HerveAbdi/PTCA4CATA") # install PTCA4CATA

Note, PTCA4CATA uses other packages, to make sure that these packages are all installed, the first time you install PTCA4CATA use this command intead:

devtools::install_github('HerveAbdi/PTCA4CATA', dependencies = TRUE)

The complete installation may take quite some time, so it could be a good time for a coffee break (or whatever else you enjoy that does not take too much time) .

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