Random forest completion of missing data

The code in this subdirectory uses a random forest model to approximate the missing data in the WACM PCA in 2006-2007 and the OVEC PCA in 2017. This completion is necessary so that the regional totals will not be wildly different from other years during the years that these two PCAs are missing.

This calculation requires as input the file temp_by_hr_pca.rds, which owing to its large size cannot be included in this repository. It can be downloaded from the auxiliary data archive described in the final report.

The other inputs for this calculation are derived from the eiafcst python package's data preparation pipeline. The pipeline is run once without the completion data to produce the file elec-by-hour-2006-2017.rds, which is used as input to this calculation. This code is run to produce the output random-forest-fill-values.csv. This output is placed in the designated subdir of the eiafcst python package, and thereafter the fill-in values will be included in rebuilds of the input data.

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