gcamrpt: Convert GCAM output to the format used by public IAM databases

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Provide functions for converting GCAM output into the format used by most IAM experiments to enter results into their databases. Users provide a table of desired outputs, along with options (such as filtering and aggregation), and the package runs the necessary GCAM queries (no more than once per query) and passes the results to the functions that produce the output.


There are two main user-visible functions in the gcamrpt package. The first is the listVariables function. This function returns a list of the variables the system knows how to produce, which can be helpful in putting together your control files.

The main entry point into the report generator is the generate function. The generate function takes the names of two control files and a string giving the location of your GCAM output databases. There are also a variety of options that determine how the output is formatted. These options and the the control file format are described in more detail in the documentation to generate.


generate('my-scenarios.ctl', 'my-vars.ctl', '~/wrk/data/gcam-dbfiles',

Examples of these files can be found here:

Example variables file

Example scenarios file


To use this package it first must be installed. You can do this using the R devtools package:


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