Cognitivemodels is an R packages that provides a number of cognitive models, using a formula interface similar to the aov- or lm-syntax. The models can be fit to data by maximum likelihood, minimum MSE, and more fit measures using optimization routines like rsolnp or Nelder-Mead, and various others. Also, the package provides a model development back end: a class that you can use to develop new cognitive models easily.


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Getting Started and Installation

To use this package, ensure you have a working installation of R and the Rcpp package, install.packages("Rcpp"), for problems see Installation Troubleshooting

    if (!require(pacman)) install.packages(pacman)
    update.package("matlib") # needed

You will see a prompt, please type Yes into the console.

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Installation Troubleshooting

Here are some error messages during the installation and how to troubleshoot them:

Models in this Package

The following models are implemented:

Model | Reference | Documentation of the Function ------------ | ------------- | ------------- Memory-based preference model | Jarecki & Rieskamp (submitted) | ?mem Generalized context model | Medin & Schaffer (1976); Nosofsky (1986) | ?ebm Optimal risk-sensitive foraging model | Houston & McNamara (1988) | ?hm1988 Cumulative prospect theory | Kahneman & Tversky (1979); Tversky & Kahneman (1992) | ?cpt Bayesian cognitive model | Hoffart, Jarecki, Duthil, & Rieskamp (under review) | ?bayes Power utility | Tversky (1967); Wakker (2008)| ?utility_pow Soft-max choice rule | Sutton & Barto (1998) | ?softmax Arg-max choice rule | | ?argmax Epsilon-greedy choice rule | | ?epsilon Baseline model | | ?baseline Shortfall model | Andraszewicz (2014) | ?shortfall


Jana B. Jarecki, Florian I. Seitz


This project is licensed under CC-By Attribution 4.0 International

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