Man pages for Jean-Romain/BilanGES
Carbon Balance Tools

adjustparamAdjust parameters from data
Boudewyn_V2CConvert merchantable volume yield tables into CO2 increment...
CarbonProcessCreate a 'CarbonProcess' object
gesevalCompute any object from BilanGES package
harvestSet or get date of harvesting
helloHello, World!
plotPlot any object from BilanGES package
Process_ChapmanRichardsPre-recorded process with a Chapman-Richard's curve
ProcessForest_ResidueDecayLaganierePre-recorded process for debris decay according to Laganière...
ProcessForest_SalvageTreeLaganierePre-recorded process for salvaged trees decay according to...
Process_HillPre-recorded process with a Hill's curve
Process_SmythPre-recorded process with a Smyth curve
SystemCarbonCreate an SytemCarbon object
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