Man pages for JhossePaul/NOAACoursera
NOAA data analyses and visualizations

draw_timelineHelper function for geom_timeline
draw_timeline_labelHelper function for geom_timeline_label base class
eq_clean_coordinatesClean coordinates in the NOAA dataset
eq_clean_dataCleans the NOAA dataset
eq_clean_datesCleaning NOAA dates
eq_clean_locationClean names for the location in the NOAA dataset
eq_clean_wrong_parsed_numeric_vectorsClean magnitude variables
eq_create_labelCreate annotation HTML text for leaflet
eq_download_dataDownload the NOAA dataset
eq_file_pathGet the path to the NOAA dataset
eq_get_dataGet NOAA dataframe
eq_mapDraws a map to locate the epicenters
geom_timelineDraw a timeline
GeomTimelineggproto class for geom_timeline
geom_timeline_labelAdds an annotation to the geom_timeline layer
GeomTimelineLabelBase class for geom_timeline_label
NOAACoursera-packageNOAACoursera - Coursera Capstone Project
numeric_convertibleTests if a vector can be safely converted to a numeric type
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
StatTimelineLabelBase class for stat_timelinelabel
theme_timelineNOAA timeline ggplot theme
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