UTDEventData ver. 1.0.0

This R package helps users to extract data from the UTD Event Data server by country names and time ranges. The project of the UTDEventData R package has not fully completed and is daily updated. Your comments, feedback, and suggestions are welcome to enhence the package. If you have any question regarding the package, please contact Kate Kim ([email protected]).

This R package is part of a project, titled "Modernizing Political Event Data for Big Data Social Science Research". More information can be found on the project webpage.

Several functions to explore and extract data in this package are listed below. More details of these methods are illustrated in the vignette of this package.

The Query Block functions:

This package requires you to have an API key to access to the UTD data server. Please find the following link and fill out the form to obtain an API key.


# without the vignette

# with the vignette
devtools::install_github("KateHyoung/UTDEventData", build_vignettes=TRUE)


The vignette is shown after installing the package and typing the following code in R console.

# access to the UTDEventData document 

Download the PDF version here


Dr. Patrick T. Brandt [email protected] Dr. Vito D'Orazio [email protected] Micheal J. Shoemate [email protected] Jared Looper [email protected] Hyoungah (Kate) Kim [email protected]


GPL-3 This package is supported by the RIDIR project funded by National Science Foundatioin, Grant No. SBE-SMA-1539302.

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