Man pages for Kevin-Brosnan/cytowave
A Toolbox for the Analysis of Cytometry Data

blocksFormulate Blocks
conncomplabelConnected Component Labelling
cytowave-packageAnalysis of Flow Cytometry data using Wavelets (cytowave)...
dwtDiscrete Wavelet Transform
dwt1d_R1-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
dwt2d_R2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
dwt_list2matList to a matrix or vector
dwt_mat2listMatrix or vector to a list
energyWavelet Energy
grid_dataFormat the data into a grid
idwtInverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
idwt1d_R1-D Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
idwt2d_R2-D Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform
is_FCSCheck if file is of format .fcs
print.fcs_framePrint read_FCS
print.grid_dataPrint grid_data
print.is_FCSPrint is_FCS
print.read_FCSdataPrint read_FCSdata
print.read_FCSheaderPrint read_FCSheader
print.read_FCStextPrint read_FCStext
read_FCSRead an entire fcs file
read_FCSdataRead fcs data
read_FCSheaderRead fcs header
read_FCStextRead fcs text
threshWavelet Thresholding
thresh_blockBlock Thresholding Procedure
to_binaryConvert matrix to binary image
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