Man pages for KevinKotze/tsm
Time Series Modelling

acAutocorrelation and partial autocorrealtion function.
archTestPerform Lagrange Multiplier Test for ARCH effect of a time...
bndBeveridge-Nelson decomposition
cwClark-West (2007) approximate normality tests for equal...
EgarchEstimation of an EGARCH(1,1) model. Assume normal...
garchMEstimation of a Gaussian GARCH-in-Mean with GARCH(1,1) model.
gts_urGeneral-to-Specific application of Dickey-Fuller (1981) Test.
IgarchEstimation of a Gaussian IGARCH(1,1) model.
leadlagPlot leading and lagging correlations
NgarchEstimation of a non-symmertic GARCH that takes the form...
nwNewey-West HAC covariance estimator.
round2Round numbers following normal convention.
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