LG_collect_orig_and_boot: Collect data from original and bootstrap into one object

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The computation of the local Gaussian spectra can create an abundance of files in a plethora of directories. This function takes care of the pesky task of collecting relevant pieces into one object.


LG_collect_orig_and_boot(main_dir, data_dir, threshold = 500)



The path to the main directory, that contains the file-hierarchy created when using the local Gassian approach for the investigation of time series.


The directory containing the result from the bootstrap.


An integer, default value 500 (measured in MB), that gives the upper in-memory size of the objects stored in the resulting files.


This function will, after a sanity-check of the arguments main_dir and data_dir, figure out the dimension-names that should be included in the collected data, and an estimate of the size of it. If the size exceeds the value given to threshold, then a splitting will be performed. File-names will be created based on the combination of values from the directory names used on the spectra-part and the boots_spectra-part. For each file we will start out by creating an array with the desired dimension-properties, and then the saved data will be read and included into these. After saving (which might require a minor update of 'LG_save'), the info-object should also be updated and saved.


A data-table with the stuff of interest.

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