myTS: My Time Series

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My Time Series


myTS(TS_key, ...)



character, key that selects one of the time series from TS_families


dotsMethods (i.e. optional), any arguments to be delivered to the function selected by TS_key.


Given a key for a time series in TS_families, and relevant parameters for it (delivered by the dotsMethods-argument ...), this function will return the function that will be used in myTS.sample to generate the desired sample from the specified time series.


fun, a function that can generate the desired time series. Note that the formals of function selected by TS_key will have been updated with any the parameters given via the dotsMethods-argument.

args.i, a list of the (updated) default values that are used by the function in fun.

args.f, a character-string of the default values, that can be used in the file-name for the data-file generated from the time series.

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