At the Research Institute for Nature and Forest, we're tracking large birds as part of our LifeWatch contribution. We are using small solar-powered GPS devices, developed by UvA-BiTS. The data are stored in the UvA-BiTS virtual lab and we frequently get a dump from that database on which we work. As tracking data volume grows quicker than human observation data (what we usually work with), we were in need for a data store that contains the cleaned and enriched tracking data in a system that is optimized for querying these large-ish data sets. Something like a data warehouse. This R package contains code to extract the data from the UvA-BiTS virtual lab, clean and enrich it, and load it in the data warehouse.

Install the package

The package is not on CRAN. If you want to use it, download a copy of the code here, and install it from source. You need a few third party packages, as documented in the package DESCRIPTION. R should take care of that. If not, install lubridate, data.table, geosphere, sp and DBI. If you want to run the tests, you'll need testthat too.

Run the tests

Tests are written using testthat. Run the tests in RStudio by opening the package main directory and pressing CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + T.

Load the package


How to use the package

This is explained in the package vignette.

Get in touch

Should you encounter issues while using this package, get in touch by filing an issue.

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