cleanAssays: Clean assay data by replacing NA values

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Some assay data has NA values but are denoted as other characters that aren't immediately seen as NA values in R. This function easily replaces strings that should be NA, such as the value 'na'. Other studies may have other notations of NA values that we wan't to clean up and this will have to be determined by hand for now.


cleanAssays(studyAssays, na.vals = c("na"))



StudyAssays in a data.frame as returned by getAssaysDataframe


Character vectors of values that should be set to NA. (default c("na"))


The same assay data with values corresponding to na.vals replaced with NA

See Also

Other dbnp data processing: findCharacters, getAssaySubjectsDataframe, getAssaysDataframe, getAssaysList, getFeaturesDataframe, getStudyToken, getSubjectsDataframe, missingSubjects, nestAssays, relevelTime, studiesToDataframe, summariseAssayValue, summariseAssays

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