Man pages for LuisLauM/TBE
Tools for Biomass Estimation

AIPShapefileShapefile with AIP Information.
checkBiometricHaulsPlot length structure of biometric data base for checking
coastlineData frame with coast line points.
estimateBiomassFunction for estimation of biomass and abundance
harborData'data.frame' with information of the main Peruvian harbors
infoAIPTable with AIP Information.
plot.TBE_outputPlot method for TBE_output
print.summary.TBE_outputPrint method for summary.TBE_output
print.TBE_outputPrint method for TBE_output objects.
readData_TBERead data from surveys
speciesTable with information of species
summary.TBE_outputSummary method for TBE_output Objects.
TBE-packageTools for Biomass Estimation
TSdataInformation of target strength.
writeResultsWrite the results of the biomass estimation process
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