data-mutCOM: Genetic information of patient samples

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This "NChannelSet" object contains genetic data for samples investigated in any of the three experiments: whole exome sequencing, targeted sequencing or fluorescent in situ hybridization. Object consists of one channel called binary, with values: 0 if the mutation was absent, 1 if mutation was present or NA if the mutation was not investigated. Feature data of the object contains detailed information about mutation in TP53 and BRAF genes - the variant(s) detected ('*_CDS' and '*_AA' columns) and the percentage at which each variant was detected ('*_ For TP53, BRAF, KRAS, del17p13, UMODL1, CREBBP, PRPF8 and trisomy12 mutation an additional column 'cs' summarizes the clone size of the mutated population. This value is a fraction at which the most abundant variant is present in a sample.




"NChannelSet" object with 89 genes (columns) and 265 patient samples (rows).


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