Man pages for Melkiades/CampaRi
Trajectory Analysis

adjl_from_adjmatFrom adjacency matrix to adjacency list
adjl_from_progindexBuild the network from the already processed Progress Index...
basin_optimizationBasin optimization of the SBR
basins_recognitionIdentifying basins in the SAPPHIRE plot
contract_mstCompute the contraction of the leaves in the minimum spanning...
find_mahalanobisFind the mahalanobis distance for a set of triplets
gen_annotationCompute the annotation of the progrex index
generate_networkCreate a network for each snapshots
gen_progindexCompute the progress index along with parent and...
install_campariInstalling the original Fortran code
keywords_from_keyfileTransform a keyfile in a list of keywords
msmBuilding a Markov State Model
mst_from_trjCreate the minimum spanning tree from time series
multiplicate_trjMultiplicate the trajectory variables
plot_tracesTrace plotting (neural mainly)
run_campariFrontend for the original CAMPARI library
sapphire_plotSapphire plot - plotting annotation and progrex index
score_sapphireScoring the SAPPHIRE-plot basin division
select_featuresMultiple pre-processing methods for feature selection
show_clustering_summaryShows the clustering summary from log file
write_pdbWriting a pdb file from trajectory matrix in R
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