Man pages for Mirthelle/maRge
Motif Analysis in R for Genomic Exploration

alignTF_SNPAlign TF around a SNP of interest
annotateMotifsRegionsAnnotate motifs in regions of interest
catSignMotifsHOMERJoin significant de novo motifs found by HOMER
countSignHOMERCount significant results from de Novo motif analysis
deNovoMotifHOMERHOMER de novo motif analysis
deNovoToDataFrameCreates data.frame with de novo HOMER results
dictHomerMotifsDictionary of Homer Motifs
drawAlignedMotifSNPDraw list of motif logos in stack
getAnnoTFGet annotation from TF name.
getCandidateTFsObtain candidate TF that might be binding a specified region
getMotifMatrixJASPARGet JASPAR2016 Motif Matrix
getNameFromAliasGet gene symbol from alias.
getSignNamesHOMERObtain names from HOMER TF motif names.
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