MTH2401 - Probability and Statistics

This is meant to be a shared R library for functions directly related to course material. The purpose of having a separate package is to consolidate frequently used procedures into a common location, as well as to make some of the data manipulation more user-friendly, by abstracting the programming.


Installation Guide

  1. Open RStudio
  2. Session > Set Working Directory > Choose Directory... (Create a new directory wherever seems best)
  3. Console
  4. Type: install.packages("devtools")
  5. Type: library("devtools")
  6. Type: install_github("mithradatha/MTH2401")
  7. Type: library("MTH2401")


User Guide

  • To see a list of functions in the MTH2401 package, Type: ls("package:MTH2401")
  • To see the documentation related to each function, Type: help(<function_name>)


Additional Details

  • DevTools contains many functions that help to make package development easier, including the ability to install R packages directly from github (...hence the use of install_github function)
  • Roxygen2 has a whole bunch of tools to aid in function/package level documentation
  • I will be adding information on the process of developing new functions, for this package, in the future

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