Man pages for NCAR/fields
Tools for Spatial Data

add.imageAdds an image to an existing plot.
arrow.plotAdds arrows to a plot
as.imageCreates image from irregular x,y,z
as.surfaceCreates an "surface" object from grid values.
BDData frame of the effect of buffer compositions on DNA strand...
bplot.xyBoxplots for conditional distribution
COMonthly surface meterology for Colorado 1895-1997
CO2Simulated global CO2 observations
colorbar.plotAdds color scale strips to an existing plot.
compactToMatConvert Matrix from Compact Vector to Standard Form
CovarianceUpperEvaluate covariance over upper triangle of distance matrix
cover.designComputes Space-Filling "Coverage" designs using Swapping...
drape.plotPerspective plot draped with colors in the facets.
exp.covExponential family, radial basis functions,cubic spline,...
ExponentialCovariance functions
fieldsfields - tools for spatial data
fields.gridUsing MKrig for predicting on a grid.
fields.hintsfields - graphics hints
fields-internalFields internal and secondary functions
fields-stuffFields supporting functions
fields.testsTesting fields functions
flameResponse surface experiment ionizing a reagent
FORTRAN.internalFORTRAN subroutines used in fields functions
gcv.KrigFinds profile likelihood and GCV estimates of smoothing...
grid.listSome simple functions for working with gridded data and the...
image2lzSome simple functions for subsetting images
image.covExponential, Matern and general covariance functions for 2-d...
image.plotDraws image plot with a legend strip for the color scale...
image.smoothKernel smoother for irregular 2-d data
interp.surfaceFast bilinear interpolator from a grid.
KrigKriging surface estimate
Krig.AmatrixSmoother (or "hat") matrix relating predicted values to the...
Krig.engine.defaultBasic linear algebra utilities and other computations...
Krig.null.functionDefault function to create fixed matrix part of spatial...
Krig.replicatesCollapse repeated spatial locations into unique locations
lennonGray image of John Lennon.
minitriMini triathlon results
mKrig"micro Krig" Spatial process estimate of a curve or surface,...
mKrigMLEMaximizes likelihood for the process marginal variance (rho)...
mKrig.MLEMaximizes likelihood for the process marginal variance (rho)...
MLESpatialProcessEstimates key covariance parameters for a spatial process.
NorthAmericanRainfallObserved North American summer precipitation from the...
ozoneData set of ozone measurements at 20 Chicago monitoring...
ozone2Daily 8-hour ozone averages for sites in the Midwest
plot.KrigDiagnostic and summary plots of a Kriging, spatialProcess or...
plot.surfacePlots a surface
poly.imageImage plot for cells that are irregular quadrilaterals.
predict.KrigEvaluation of Krig spatial process estimate.
predictSE.KrigStandard errors of predictions for Krig spatial process...
predictSurfaceEvaluates a fitted function or the prediction error as a...
print.KrigPrint kriging fit results.
pushpinAdds a "push pin" to an existing 3-d plot
qsregQuantile or Robust spline regression
QTpsRobust and Quantile smoothing using a thin-plate spline
quilt.plotImage plot for irregular spatial data.
rat.dietExperiment studying an appetite supressant in rats.
RCMexample3-hour precipitation fields from a regional climate model
rdistEuclidean distance matrix or vector
rdist.earthGreat circle distance matrix or vector
registeredCInformation objects that register C and FORTRAN functions.
REML.testMaximum Likelihood estimates for some Matern covariance...
ribbon.plotAdds to an existing plot, a ribbon of color, based on values...
RMprecipMonthly total precipitation (mm) for August 1997 in the Rocky...
set.panelSpecify a panel of plots
sim.KrigConditional simulation of a spatial process
sim.rfSimulates a Stationary Gaussian random field
smooth.2dKernel smoother for irregular 2-d data
spam2lzConversion of formats for sparse matrices
spatialProcessEstimates a spatial process model.
splintCubic spline interpolation
sregCubic smoothing spline regression
statsCalculate summary statistics
stats.binBins data and finds some summary statistics.
summary.KrigSummary for Krig or spatialProcess estimated models.
summary.ncdfSummarizes a netCDF file handle
supportsArgTests if function supports a given argument
surface.KrigPlots a surface and contours
tim.colorsSome useful color tables for images and tools to handle them.
TpsThin plate spline regression
transformxLinear transformation
USPlot of the US with state boundaries
US.datOutline of coterminous US and states.
vgramTraditional or robust variogram methods for spatial data
vgram.matrixComputes a variogram from an image
WendlandWendland family of covariance functions and supporting...
worldPlot of the world
WorldBankCarbon emissions and demographic covariables by country for...
xlineDraw a vertical line
ylineDraw horizontal lines
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