SMExplorer is a tool for the exploratory analysis of Twitter data.

Its main purpose is to aid the user in having an overview of key social media metrics that will support personal and corporate social media marketing decision-making.

Instructions for use

Install and load the package

See the README for installation instructions.

The package itself is very simple to use; this version contains only one function, explore(), which launches a Shiny application for interactive analyses. To run, type



On first use, you will need to supply the in-built OAuth credentials. To do so, follow these steps:

Make an entry

To begin your analysis on a word or hashtag, supplying a search termin the Search box and click on Go!.

Select an output type

SMExplorer currently supports the following kinds of output:

Controls for download

There is a widget to control the number of tweets one may download at a given time. Whenever the number of tweets is the same as the number downloaded, it is likely there are more available. To increase the size of the dataset, select a larger number from the list and click again on Go!.

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