Man pages for NNLu/preprots
Basic Functions to preprocess Time Series Data

bandfilterSpecify a Bandwith and classify points of a time series not...
create.SAXPerfom a SAX for time series
dailyplotPlot average load curve according to weekdays
discardDiscard columns of a data frame with too many missings or...
evalperformanceEvaluate Forecasting
motif.discoverMotif Discovery according to Chiu et al and based on the code...
motif.plotNice plot of the motifs discovered
openTSDBtoTimeSeriesRead time series data from openTSDB
rplReplace Single Missings or Zero
startingStart of preprocessing
transformdaysPlot average load curve according to weekdays
tsdateCreate datframe with time, dates and relevant dummmies
valuecheckCheck data frame for NA values which are declared...
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